Training Course Summary
Available Courses
These are the Courses Process Mapping provide.

Band A
Use of the Metastorm BPM Designer
Building simple  Procedures
Overview of the  Metastorm BPM  architecture
Business Analysts,  Project Managers,  Technical Leads and  Developers.
Map Design
Form Design
Form Segments
Integrating Maps
Building full  Procedures
Developers new to  Metastorm
Development experience
Knowledge of SQL
Administ- ration
Database maintenance
Database optimisation
Troubleshooting  errors
Administrators of  Metastorm BPM  systems
Optimising  Metastorm  BPM
A practical  discussion of the best practices in  developing with  Metastorm BPM  with examples
Developers familiar  with Metastorm BPM
Development experience
New users
Band B
Advanced  Developer
Client scripting
Server scripting
Map Segments
Tips & Tricks
Error diagnostics
Web services
Developers familiar with  Metastorm BPM
Development experience
Knowledge of Metastorm  BPM
Understanding of SQL
Knowledge of  programming languages  (Java, VB, C++ etc)
.Net  Integration
Integration with .Net  code and ECL
Experienced Developers
Advanced Developer  course
Reports  and  Queries
Building dynamic  e·work reports
Building external  reports
Developers familiar with  Metastorm BPM
Advanced Developer  course
Band C
Whatever topics  you decide
Developers familiar with  Metastorm BPM
Advanced  Developer  course
Up to five students can attend each course and the courses can be combined as long as  the 'main' course (in bold) in any selected band is included. Different students may  attend different courses, and if necessary we can provide more than one of any course  to accommodate all students. It is quite common to have more than one 'Introductory'  course, for example, in order to accommodate managers, BA's and Process Owners.

All courses require a non-refundable deposit of 10%. At our discretion this fee may be  used as a credit against future courses in the event of cancellation.