Onsite Training
Developer Course
All developers should attend this course. Even if they feel they can proceed without it, there  are many important concepts that can be learnt from this course that would take a long time  to learn simply by practice.
Topics covered include:-
    • Map Design
    • Form Design
    • Form Segments
    • Integrating Maps
    • Building full Procedures
The prerequisites for the course include:-
    • Attending the Introductory Course, or equivalent experience
    • Development experience
    • Knowledge of SQL
Introductory Course
Users who have not been exposed to Metastorm BPM will find the introductory course  essential.
However simple it may seem, there is nothing like gaining some familiarity with the product to  enhance further training. Students who have used Metastorm BPM before can leave this out  but only if they have actually used the product for actual development as opposed to just  trying it out
The following topics may be included in the Introductory Course:-
    • Use of the Metastorm BPM e-Work Designer
    • Building simple Procedures
    • Overview of the Metastorm BPM architecture.
On completion of the course the student would be familiar with the basic concepts of the  Metastorm BPM system, and would be able to build simple Procedures.
Advanced Developer Course
Metastorm BPM developers with significant development experience or those having attended  the Developer Course can get benefit from the Advanced Developer Course. This course  covers many concepts that may be touched on in the Developer Course, but in more detail. It  also covers many significant additional topics.
We recommend anyone who is involved in Metastorm BPM development on a regular basis  with anything except straightforward Metastorm solutions should attend this course.
The course includes the following topics:-
    • Client scripting
    • Server scripting
    • Flags
    • Sub-procedures
    • Map Segments
    • Libraries
    • Tips & Tricks
    • Error diagnostics
    • Web services
To gain maximum benefit from this course, the attendee should have:-
    • Attended the Developer Course, and had some experience using Metastorm BPM to  build real world solutions.
    • Development experience
    • Knowledge of Metastorm BPM
    • Understanding of SQL
    • Knowledge of programming languages (Java, VB, C++ etc)
Administration Course
This course is designed for those tasked with the administration of a Metastorm BPM based  system. By this we mean the general system support required for the Metastorm BPM  application to continue to run effectively and optimally.
This does not address the issues required to administrate the solution itself.
The course covers:-
    • Database maintenance
    • Database optimisation
    • Backup
    • Troubleshooting
    • Basic Designer concepts
The Introductory Course is not a prerequisite of this course, but we find it can be beneficial.
User Course
Although solutions built using Metastorm BPM tend to be more accessible and self- explanatory than most, this does not mean they can be used without training. We have found  that we have reduced training times for new users dramatically in companies where we have  built solutions (from two weeks to two days, for example). This does not mean that end user  training is any less important however. It simply reduces the training time and is usually more  effective.
This course focuses on the use of the Client itself and covers the following:
    • To Do lists
    • Watch lists
    • Blank forms and lists
    • Administration forms and lists
    • Form Tabs
    • Action Tabs
    • Common forms such as History, Status and Note
    • Fields, with special attention paid to:
      • Grids
      • Dates, Times and Date Time fields
      • Dropdowns
      • Lists
There are also some references to the Metastorm BPM Designer and Process Maps.
Due to the lack of requirement for the Designer, and the fairly basic topics covered, we tend  to allow as many users to attend as possible depending on venue.
Additional Courses
.Net Integration
This covers the integration of Metastorm BPM with Microsoft's .Net development  environment and solutions. It also covers the ECL and FreeFlow integration.
Reports and Queries
Almost every Metastorm BPM solution can benefit from reports and queries. It is far simpler  to build effective dynamic queries in Metastorm BPM than in most systems.
This course will provide you with the basics as well as several tips to enable reports to be built  with greater ease and added functionality.
We recommend at least the Developer Course be attended prior to undertaking this course.
Optimising Metastorm BPM
Although there is a chapter on Optimising Metastorm BPM in this book, this course covers  this and several additional topics.
The savings in time and discovering how best to develop certain functionality can be very  significant.
You must have attended the Developer Course however prior to undertaking this training.