Monthly Support & Development hours
A fixed number of support hours per month to allow you to budget your support  and development costs
We offer a standard hourly fixed rate for being available as required, in chunks of  10 hours per month at a reducing rate per hour. Typically coverage is 8x5,  although greater coverage can be arranged for additional cost.
We offer standard response rates under an agreed schedule as arranged.  Obviously all regular support contracts take priority over any other work we have  going.
Any work required above the arranged amount in any month would normally be  charged at our ad-hoc development rate. Any unused hours may be ‘banked’ for  up to three months. If they are not used after this period, they expire.
This allows minor updates, fixes and enhancements to be made to Metastorm  BPM systems without the need for budget approval. Given the agile nature of the  product, both we, and our customers, find this the most suitable approach.