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The first and only Online Metastorm BPM Developer Course: Click to view the course details...

Attending a Metastorm BPM course is all very well, but you can easily lose the benefit in a short time if you do not immediately apply your knowledge. Having an online resource availabale for 12 months makes perfect sense, and means you never lose touch with your development skills learnt.

Often you cannot justify the time taken to spend on a course away from the workplace. In the workplace, distractions can make the course less useful. Being able to work online at uour own pace, making your own notes as you go is the prefect solution to all these problems.

Courses are also quite expensive, especially when you have several students. Our online course is much cheaper, and we have a sharply reducing price for quatity pucharses, making your training even cheaper!

Based on our acclaimed on-site course, the on-line developer course makes your training easier, cheaper, and much more beneficial!