MetastormBPMVersion9Review_img1.gif Metastorm BPM version 9 Review
Metastorm BPM has been evolving since its very early  days as an Oracle application. It has been a strong  leader in the BPM area for over 12 years. It was a  market leader in the Web Client arena, and has  consistently kept up with and taken advantage of the  ever changing technological landscape as it has  grown.
Throughout these changes the fundamental ease of  use and 'descriptive' Process Design that has made it  a favourite of many for many years has been  maintained.
The latest incarnation as a fully .Net application and  code generator is yet another almost complete  makeover, possibly as significant as its transition  from Oracle. We've waited a long time for this, but  the  real question is, are we going to enjoy the same  ease of process design and overriding clarity that we  have come to rely on, and has been the main  strength of the product to date.
In this and the articles to follow over the next few  weeks we shall try to give you all the information  you  will need to answer that question, and, we hope,  many others.
Jerome Pearce
Jerome was one of the original development team of the  Metastorm BPM product at Metastorm, and has been using it for  over 12  years.
He has also written the Metastorm BPM Developer's Guide
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