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User Base

This is essentially the expected list of Roles in the system and their broad activities. Careful consideration should be given to these as the results can have a profound influence on the system Design.

There are two main types of Role to be defined. These are 'external' and 'relative' Roles.

External Roles are those that are external to the system. Examples of these are the staff in a Department, or the group responsible for processing inbound invoices.

Relative roles are those that are relative to the entity that is progressing through the Process. This could be, for example, the user who initiates a Process, or their Manager, or even a user or list of users dynamically selected based on some other selection by a user, such as the Manager of a Department, or Testers for a system.

For each role the following is required:

* Role Name

* Role Description

* The data that the Role is evaluated from (if appropriate).

* The activities users holding that Role are expected to perform.