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All of these elements are integrated. Firstly we have the Goals, and then we add the Business Rules. We then add Features to support these Goals, and manage the various Business rules. We then ensure that the overall intention of the developers is captured during the Design documentation, and the actual changes made during the Development documentation.

The result may appear to be just more documentation, but it has several very specific and essential purposes. Above and beyond the expected benefits of making reviews, testing and technical documentation a great deal easier, we have introduced certain important benefits for future development projects on this system. Consider the following:

If any Business Rule needs to be updated for any reason, we can see the full history of every change to every component that has ever been made to accommodate that Business Rule. In addition, we can see each whole Feature that these changes were made to support, and all the changes to all related components for that particular feature.

If a component needs to be redesigned for any reason, the full list of all Business Rules that the component has ever been updated to support is available. That list includes every change, every Feature and changes to related components, and every Business Rule. Using this information, it is quite easy to see how much impact a change may make, and what knock-on effects would occur or need to be avoided.

Together, this gives us a highly detailed and specific view of the effects of changes to Business Rules and components. The overall results are simple, highly effective, and as far as we are aware, unprecedented.