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Supporting Goals

This is the list of required features. Every Feature must support at least one Goal. If not, it is relegated to the 'Wish List' (see below).

Each Feature should have:

* A unique reference by which it is referred to in all reports.

* An easily recognisable title that is understandable by all stakeholders. This will be used to refer to items for the duration of the Design, Development and Testing phases, so should be considered quite carefully.

* A textual description. This may be supplemented by images and/or documents if necessary.

* The Goal or Goals that the Feature supports

* A priority. Again this should be similar to Critical, High, Medium or Low.

* In the case of fixes that are required, you may want to add an 'Urgency' value to allow selection of the most urgent fixes into the next build.

Wish List

This is the list of things people would like to have, but do not directly support the Goals. These should be assessed later in terms of estimated effort.

The main benefit of the Wish List is to ensure two things. Firstly, that good ideas are not left out, just because a Goal cannot be immediately perceived for them to support. Secondly, it ensures that those proposing such Features do not feel alienated because their proposals are ignored. It should encourage them to determine a monetary value and thus propose a Goal it can support. Such exercises often cause the generation of exceptional new ideas.