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Business Rule Capture

Another very important element of the overall specification is the Business rules. Typically these are spread throughout a Requirement Document. What we have decided to do is to capture each rule or set of rules in direct relation to each area of functionality and the associated component.

There are two main benefits to this approach. The first is that we can easily select the Business Rule that is being managed by each Feature added to the system. This is also true of each modification, where the functionality being added or modified is directly related to the existing, new or updated Business Rule.

Secondly, and more importantly in the long term, we can then easily discover which components are supporting which Business Rules, and vice versa. Since the design, code and review for each update to each component is recorded for each Feature, we have a complete record of the updates as well as the components.

Again, at first this can seem useful, but it is not until the reality is demonstrated during future design and development phases that the full impact is often appreciated.